My First Blog Post (Ever!)

The real countdown has started. It’s 10 days to go. I board a plane, to fly to the other side of the world, in 10 days. It’s starting to sink in that as I say goodbye and ‘see you soon’ to people, the likelihood is that it could be a while. The excitement really is something else. I’ve always lived my life with a plan. Knowing what my next 3 steps will be. Where I’ll be, who I’ll be with and exactly what I’ll be doing and how I’ll be doing it.

The feeling of the unknown is so overwhelmingly exciting. I’m not void of emotion. I cry. Apparently since deciding I’d move to the other side of the world, my emotions have gone into meltdown. Putting pen to paper and making it public isn’t something I do. I’m not a keyboard warrior. I’m certainly not a poet or a writer. I would write a terrible novel. I wasn’t even in top set English, as much as the teacher told us being in the second set ‘was basically the same’.

But this overwhelming emotion has really made me think I should document what is about to happen in my life, because quite frankly I’m the most clueless of all of us. A lot has happened in the UK over the last 2 weeks, awful terror attacks, people coming together to show unity, bravery and a performance from some of the most influential stars on the planet to resonate that love really will always win.

The One Love Manchester concert made me reflect on almost every aspect of my life – my friends, my family, my values and what I want to achieve. As my friends would tell you from the numerous pictures to our group chat – I could not stop crying, like I cried a lot. I was so moved by the unity of a group of people that decided we were not going to be beaten. We were not going to be dampened and our message would be heard. Seeing the joy on people’s faces, the happiness and solidarity of people, who less than two weeks prior, suffered what was likely the worst day of their lives, was truly heart warming.


The journey I’m about to make is super exciting, slightly nerve wracking, its far, it gets cold. I’ll be tried, I’ll be tested, I’ll be elated, I’ll be down. I’ll probably cry too. But I hope to learn even more the values of loving harder, offering a hand to hold, generating warmth and being fearlessly selfless. Because it’s becoming so clear that, the sooner we decide to have each other’s backs, the sooner we can encompass the true power unity and love.



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